Jean-Louis Dessalles

  1. Overall description
  2. How to execute Evolife (+ download)
  3. Evolife source files
  4. Evolife classes and functions
  5. How Evolife works
  6. Create your own Evolife scenario
  7. Use Evolife’s components separately (graphics, ecology, genetic algorithm)

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3. Evolife Source files

The package contains:



Python source files

Alliances.py: Defines social links between individuals. Useful for certain scenarios.
Curves.py: Stores points to be displayed on curves
Default_Scenario.py: Implements a default scenario from which actual scenarios are derived.
DNA.py: Where the hereditary binary string is defined, and crossover and mutation are implemented.
Evolife_Batch.py: A silent (no graphic) version of Evolife for batch mode.
Evolife_Graphic.py: A few displays specific to Evolife.
Evolife_Main.py: Evolife main file.
Evolife_Window.py: Window system for Evolife. The 2012 version and later are based on QT (previous versions used Tk).
Genetic_map.py: Defines the location of genes on the DNA string.
Genome.py: Defines the genome of individuals as a set of genes.
Group.py: Defines groups, where reproduction and interactions take place.
Individual.py: Defines the individual’s properties, which bring together a genome, a phenome and social relations.
MyScenario.py: This file is used to instantiate the scenario and make it accessible to all other modules.
Observer.py: Stores simulation results and performs statistics.
Parameters.py: Interface with configuration file Evolife.evo
Phenotype.py: Defines a set of non-inheritable characteristics called ‘phenes’.
Plot_Area.py: Defines a zone to display graphics. Can be used independently from Evolife.
Population.py: Defines the whole population as a set of groups.
S_*.py: Specific scenarios.
Simulation_Thread.py: Interface with Evolife’s window system.
Tools.py: A few useful functions.
TxtWin.py: Defines a zone to display texts. Can be used independently from Evolife.
Void_Scenario.py: A scenario that can be customized. Its execution launches Evolife’s window system directly, thus bypassing Evolife_Main.py.

Other files

labyr.gif: Image of the labyrinth (used in one basic scenario).
*.csv: Files created by Evolife. They contain evolution curve coordinates (as they are displayed). These files can be opened with MS-Excel.
*.res: Files created by Evolife. They contain coordinates for each curve, averaged over time. Such files may be concatenated to average over several experiments (useful in batch mode).
EvoStart.gen: This file contains (in text format) the genome of an entire population to start from (if that option is chosen).
Readme.html: Evolife documentation.
Readme.txt: A text version of this file.
Evolife.html: Homepage for the Evolife package.


Antnet.py: Ant system for message routing.
Ants.py: Foraging ant colony.
CellularAutomaton.py: Illustrates one-dimensional cellular automata.
Cocktail.py: Illustrates the ‘cocktail party’ effect.
Morphogenesis.py: Illustrates Turing’s morphogenesis theory.
PathFinder.py: Illustrates path formation.
Segregationism.py: Illustrates Thomas Schelling’s famous experiment.
SocialNetwork.py: Emergence of optimal social signals.
Swallows.py: Illustrates collective decision.